Pania Greenaway tucker - New zealand

Pania Greenaway Tucker is a New Zealand Maori Women's Wear Designer. Inspired by the rich visual language of her culture, the stories of her ancestors and indigenous art and craft techniques. She uses shape, volume, texture and print to design contemporary ready to wear pieces.  

Pania Greenaway is designed and made in New Zealand with a strong focus on ethical and local production and continues to embrace more sustainable practices as part of the brands ethos of being responsible, ethical company and the role of kaitiakitanga based on Te Ao Maori.

Astronomy was my starting point it is one of the oldest sciences. For early civilizations and many cultures Astronomy played a key role in development of beliefs and were vital to navigation. Maori relied on stars to  travel to Aotearoa and were renowned navigators. Cultures had stories and beliefs to explain these phenomena but with the invention of the telescope and the discovery of the laws of motion and gravity we have a new understanding of the stars and we know they are all obeying the same laws of physics. In changing times and unpredictability Maori  fd travelling to Aotearoa, the stars and planets were constant predictale and reliable.  


Robert kennedy - fiji

Robert Kennedy is a fourth generation of Scottish and Swedish descent. Born in Suva, Robert went on to complete his Secondary School Studies in Brisbane, Australia and then studied for a BA in Textile Design at RMIT In Melbourne for three years. The late 90's saw Robert living in Sydney for several years working for the prestigious furtniture and design company Design Warehouse. 

By the early 2000's Robert decided that it was time to return home to Fiji as he saw opportunities to showcase his talents there. Robert's start in Fiji saw him designing and printing Masi Artworks that he sol at regular exhibitions, Fiji wide. This led to some large commissions for outrigger on the Lagoon's Bebe Spa, Castaway Island, Matangi Island and Hideaway Resort. He also honed his interior design skills in the refurbishment of castaway Island, myola Plantation villa and head office for Tappoo Ltd in Sigatoka. The office refurbishment for Tappoo led to what has been a very fruitful collaboration between Robert and one of Fiji's biggest retailers. Robert is still consulting to Tappoo and is primary responsible for the buying and designing of fashion and home ware ranges for the Fiji Market.   


Robert's Fashion designing started with somple kaftans with bold tropical prints on them and has developed and expanded from there. 

His Robert Kennedy Fiji Fashion brand has now been at Fiji Fashion week 2009-2015 where he has been nominated as Fashion Designer of the year in 2009 and 2010, before winning in 2011. He also gamed the Sheree Lipton Excellence in Textile Awards at Fiji Fashion week 2015. Robert has also shown his collections in Sydney, Brisbane, London and Los Angeles. His collections continue to expand and he has a very loyal fan base both in Fiji and abroad. Robert currently lives on Korotogo, Sigatoka. 


Sarah haoda todd (pnggiankala) - papua new guinea

PNGianKala is a Fashion Label created by Founder/Designer 'Sarah Haoda-Todd'. Sarah is by far one of Papua New Guinea's Top Established Fashion Designers and has featured her collection around the South Pacific, mainly in Australia and Fiji. Sarah is also a Women's Activist at Women Arise PNG, this is a movement against violence against Women and Girls. Sarah is based in Lae Province. 

Sarah's collection promotes her beautiful Country, Papua New Guinea. This is the first time a Fashion Designer from Papua New Guinea will be taking part in the London Pacific Fashion Collective. To give you a brief two liner about where Papua New Guinea is located in the world, you will find it located in the South Western Pacific, encompasses the Eastern half of New Guinea and it's offshore Islands. 

PNGianKala label encompasses Papua New Guinea's unique art and culture on high fashion. 

Most recently Sarah was part of the Pacific Show for Fiji Fashion week in May last year. Sarah's latest 'Kekeni' collection focuses on constant creativity to capture a diverse interpretations of PNG art, culture, flora, fauna and colours.   


Aboriginal forkleaf Artists - Australia

Steven Japurrurla Nelson was born 30th August 1978 in Alice Springs, NT. He is a lifelong resident of Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal Community approximately 300 Kilometers Northwest of Alice Springs on the Tanami Road. 

He was raised by his late Mother, Nora Nungarrayi, and his Stepfather, Frankie Nelson. His Father John Brown was a resident of Papunya. Steven began painting at Warlukurlangu Arosts Aboriginal Corporation in late 2014 after working at the art centre for some time. He typically paints 'janganpa Jukumpa' (brush tail possum Dreaming) from his Mother's side.  His Country is located near Nyirrpi, another remote Aboriginal Community approximately 170 Kilometers West of Yuendumu his Mother's and Grandfather, Banjo Patterson owned Country that includes Ngarupalga. 

Steven enjoys work and process of painting at Warlukurlangu. When he is not painting, he likes to relax at home, walk around the community with his dog, Zena.    


karen napalijarri barnes - lajamanu

Karen Napalijarri Barnes was born in Lajamanu, a remote Aboriginal Community in semi-arid Country on the edge of the Tanami Desert 1000km North-west of Alice Springs in Northern Territory. 

She moved to Yuendumu, 700km South, after finishing School in Lajamanu, to be with her family. She has been painting with the Warlukurlangu Arosts Aboriginal Corporaoan, an Aboriginal owned and governed Art Centre, since 2001. 

Karen is the Grand-Daughter of Warlukurlangu's Famous Artist Judy Napangardi Watson and they would sit together painting at the Art Centre everyday when Karen first started painting.   


Rusiate lali (Multi media artist) -Fiji

Rusiate is one of the most exciting and provocative Artists to exhibit at Gallery Gondwana, coming from a long lineage of potters, canvers, tapa cloth and fibre artists. In 1999 he was named 'Contemporary Fijian Artist of the year' - his work being a sensuous mix of past and present, myth and reality.  With both solo and group exhibitions here in Australia and overseas, including his home country Fiji, his work continues to grow, evolve and surprise. 

To date. much of Rusiate's work has explored his personal experiences and his universal awareness of social issues. His imagery treads the political landscape and issues of the times. His Art straddles the divide between the traditional asthetics and mythology of his indigenous heritage and the hard reality of the modern world. All this is handled with intelligence and sensitivity. His ideas are nourished from his direct family who have gifted him a strong cultural identity from their contributions as Fijian  Artistic Icons.  


Add to this his influences from a Modernist Tradition and you have an energetic body of work grounded in ancestral history. Roslyn Premont, Dirsctor of Gallery Gondwana (who represented the artist), comments; Rusiate lives in two worlds, that of his traditional Malanesian Culture and that outside it. His work reflects the complexity of the interplay between these two in ways that are provocative and inspiring. A man of two worlds.. having lived between Fiji and Australia, both in Sydney and Alice Springs and now residing back in Fiji. 

Rusiate is a Multi-Media Artist with a strong connection to both his ancestral past and popular contemporary culture, adding film, music, dance, writing and storytelling, in addition to his body of paintings. With a foot planted both firmly in Melanesian art founded on traditional myths, legends and lifestyle, and a foot in the modernist world of climate change and social unrest, many of his works are an expression of events unfolding at the time.