Meet our first Solomon Islands Fashion designer Frances Do’oro.  Frances is a Designer and Seamstress for the label #Proton Creation.  

Frances graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Information systems and Management and Public Administration.  Her passion for Fashion started very early in her high school years and always wanted to pursue this and her dream came through when she  started her label.  Proton Creation is co-owned with her husband Selwyn Do’oro, who is the man behind all the prints on the fabrics.

The label Proton Creation was established in 2011 and has been growing ever since. 

Proton Creation has exhibited in Sydney Australia  in 2014 at a Maketi Ples Event by Pacific Trade and Invest and twice represented Solomon Islands in 2017 and 2018 at Fiji Fashion Week and has been taking part in Solomon Fashion Week for three years now.

Proton Creation mostly promotes its own abstract unique style of printing on fabrics and adds traditional Solomon Totems to represent different Solomon Cultures.

Every single Print is unique as most of the prints are hand printed and in a given season and time, we tend to add abit of style by adding different colours, shapes and touches.

Frances will be part of 11 other South Pacific Fashion designers who will be showcasing during London Fashion Week from the 13 – 17 September.


Amatalines - NAURU

Meet our Fashion designer from the Republic of Nauru ‘Rendi Charlene Edwards’.  


The Republic of Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation with a population of just under 10000 inhabitants.  Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia.

Nicknamed Rendi Magic for her talent in turning anything into somethingmagical.  Rendi is a Nauruan designer with a big heart for the fashion world. She is a strong Christian believer and commits her talent to her faith.

Rendi not only designs attires but also creates exquisite art paintings that are held in homes and offices including our local Parliament Cabinet chambers. She also creates her own line of fashion accessories from bracelets, head pieces, fans, necklaces and earrings. One of her accessory pieces were paired up with Bou’s Boutique’s attire during the recent London Pacific Fashion Week show held at Buckingham Palace.

She is also the country’s chief designer when it comes to representing Nauru on the Miss Pacific pageants. Her pieces are unique in their design with a story to tell that is always linked to the Nauruan culture. 

Rendi is a strong strong advocate for the Nauruan culture (land, air and sea) as she believes, this is an issue that poses a distant threat that will impact on the future generations. “Without culture we are empty vessels floating in this great big Pacific ocean”. She uses her talent to advocate this threat, and each piece created has a cultural story to tell a reminder of who we are.

Rendi’s brand, Amatalines is named after her eldest daughter Amataline, who had recently passed away.  In her mother’s eyes Amataline is beautiful just as beautiful as any other mother’s daughter. Rendi’s designs are inspired from her beautiful daughter and uses her talent in memory of Amataline. 


Cecilia Keil - samoa

Cecilia’s passion for Samoan Fashion has earned her status as one of Samoa’s iconic and respected Fashion designers both locally and internationally. She has over 2 decades of designing original Samoan creations that has established her as one of the most recognizable brands Samoa has to offer. 

However it is not just her designs that  deserve her the respect she is given by her people, Cecilia since the early days of her work has always been vocal and instrumental in building the Samoa fashion industry to what it is today. Her drive reflects the influx of emerging local designers who have been inspired by her journey. She has also opened many doors for the Samoa fashion industry which she continues to pursue to date. Cecilia's efforts to advance the Samoa fashion industry has faced many challenges but it has not stopped her from advocating for opportunities for local designers to anyone that listens.         



Exclusive By OffDaRock - american samoa

Despite what their name suggests; Exclusive By OffDaRock's is inclusive and welcoming of all different colours, shapes and sizes. Every fabric, every print, every stitch, is made with each of their beautiful customers in mind. They customize each outfit to their measurements and suggested style for their event.    

They commit to their love for fashion and culture and continue to integrate the two to give their clients the best of both worlds. Team Exclusive By OffDaRocks consists of the mastermind Leuila Ioane, her husband Joseph and their three employees. A small team that caters to a variety of people each day. All designs are cut and painted by hand, and takes time and precision. 

We do everything within our power to meet all of our amazing clients needs and expectations; whether it's something fun for a night out, or something elegant for a romantic evening. My passion as a designer stems from wanting everyone, no matter age, size, race or sexual orientation to feel beautiful and special. An exclusive piece can make you feel just that. As a Mother, I want my children to look their absolute best, as they are a representation of myself. It brings me joy being able to create matching pieces for my little family and it makes me extremely happy when I can do the same for other. I just want to share my joy with others the best way I know how to. And at the end of the day, we are just simple humble people who still come from humble beginnings and continue to do everything with God as our foundation.                     


Jeanine Clarkin - new zealand

Jeanine Clarkin established her Maori Street wear label in 1994, blending Maori Art and design for a new generation and projecting Maori fashion into the new millennium. Clarkin has worked as a costume designer for dance and theatre, a fashion show producer and creative director, and more recently as a curator for art exhibitions and events Clarkin's collection shows how her unique style has evolved with time. It takes you on a journey through seasons and hemispheres, with solid winter wool pieces complemented by more ephemeral ref. 

As a Maori indigenous designer I find it most rewarding showing in cultural events where we can form links and collaborate with other designers and have our garments worn by proud indigenous people. Recent shows have included Matariki Showcase, Auckland - July 2018, Indigenous Fashion Unearthed Designer, Melbourne - March 2018, Taupo Fashion Show, Taupo - Oct 2017 and Indigenous Fashion Unearthed Designers, Melbourne - March 2017. 

Part of my social service is to provoke ideas about culture and the way in which we respond to our similarities and to expose places where we can meet. Through my love of the arts I have been able to explore this through curating art exhibitions on Waiheke which has attracted invites to other places throughout Auckland including Tipu e Rea, Waiheke - 2018, Blanlets and Muskets Waitangi day exhibition, Waiheke - 2018, Rahui Kauri Die back in Te Kauwerau a maki, Auckland - 2018 and Blankets and Muskets Waitangi day exhibition, Auckland - 2018.         


FORKLEAF - australia


Aboriginal Fashion with the WARLUKURLANGU Artists showcased during London Pacific Fashion Collective on the 13th-15th Sept 2017. A collection from Established Aboriginal Artists/Designers during LONDON FASHION WEEK. LPFC featured it's very first #Aboriginal Collection from Central Australia promoting our Aboriginal Artists of WARLUKURLANGU 2017. 

Meet the Founders of #Aboriginal Designers Collections from the Central Desert of Australia; Ms Brigida Stewart and Ms Amada McMillan. Both Founders have continued their key roles in supporting Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike in the Arts and Fashion World.  

 The Five Warlukurlangu Artist are:

  • Karen Barens
  • Alma Ganites
  • Steven Nelson
  • Maudie Morris
  • Anthen Granites

 From Emu Prints to the story of the Seven Sisters. London is ready to be enticed with the colours of Central Australia. 


VARU - Cook island

My name is Richard Tekeu, I am Cook Islander and was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m 30 years old and I’m an emerging Polynesian Designer who has great love passion for Pacific Fashion. I’ve been very interested in fashion and our Cook Islands traditional Arts and Crafts since I was a kid. As years had passed I finally decided to actually do something about this interest I have for Fashion.  So I enrolled into NZ Fashion Technology in 2011 where I completed a 1 year program of basic sewing and pattern making. I had completed and graduated the 1 year program. Enrolling into NZ Fashion Technology was the best decision I ever made.  

In 2015 I had made the decision to create my own Pacific Clothing line called Varu. I’ve been asked by many “Why did you name your line Varu?” The name is very personal and meaningful to me and it pleases me to share why I chose Varu. Varu is actually the Cook Islands translation of the number “8” and which represents the 8 children my parents have raised and loved together.      Creating Varu was at first a very scary step but to this day I believe it was the right step. Definitely feels like I’m doing exactly what I was born to do. The journey has been a challenge yet rewarding at the same. Varu is Cook Islands inspired yet wearable for all ethnicities. 


Sarah haoda todd (pngiankala) - papua new guinea


Top Papua New Guinea Established Fashion Designer for PNGiankala Sarah Haoda Todd, returns back to LPFW for her second showing this September. She has featured her collection around the South Pacific and also in Europe.  PNGianKala is a Fashion Label created by Founder/Designer 'Sarah Haoda-Todd'. Sarah is by far one of Papua New Guinea's Top Established Fashion Designers and has featured her collection around the South Pacific, mainly in Australia and Fiji. Sarah is also a Women's activist at Women Arise PNG, this is a movement against violence against Women and Girls. Sarah is based in Lae Province. 

Sarah's collection promotes her beautiful Country, Papua New Guinea. This is the first time a Fashion Designer from Papua New Guinea will be taking part in the London Pacific Fashion Collective. To give you a brief two liner about where Papua New Guinea is located in the world, you will find it located in the South Western Pacific, encompasses the Eastern half of New Guinea and it's offshore Islands. 

PNGianKala label encompasses Papua New Guinea's unique art and culture on high fashion. 

Most recently Sarah was part of the Pacific Show for Fiji Fashion week in May last year. Sarah's latest 'Kekeni' collection focuses on constant creativity to capture a diverse interpretations of PNG art, culture, flora, fauna and colours.   


Shannon Brett - australia

Shannon Brett is a Wakka Wakka, Badtjala and Gurang Gurang women currently living in Cairns, North Queensland; Australia. She has a strong design history having completed a traineeship in fashion design many years ago, also qualifications in graphic design, holding a visual arts degree via the old college of art, Griffith University and  also undertaking a post graduate studies in art management,

Her admiration for fashion and culture is revealed in the way that she presents artists stories within each carefully considered garmets bold statements via comfortable yet sophisticated clothing designs are her dynamic fundamentals. She aims to advocate for her culture with art, fashion and design as her vehicle.    


Anna Amos - papua new guinea

Anna Amosis the founder and designer for AAs Tribal Fashion, from Papua New Guinea. 


AAs Tribal Fashion originated purely out of the love of art.  Anna is a textile  designer and she has always been fascinated by how art repeats itself in both nature and man made objects through it’s color, lines, shape and texture. Papua new Guinea is a land of rainbow tribe, many tribes with thousand culture accompanying  with breath taking geographical beauty.

“As an artist I am deeply  inspired by my cultural richness therefore  translate it through this medium.  I use PNG tribal mofits print and create contemporary PNG wear.  The textile  elements define our identity through simple  prints of motif or a woven  piece of garment. These contribute to the beauty  of our  unique society.  With this philosophy my designs originates”  


Bou Fonua - tonga

Meet our London Pacific Fashion Week designer from the Kingdom of Tonga ‘Bou Fonua’ 


Bou Fonua is the designer behind eponymous Tongan label Bou’s. Bou has established a loyal and diverse client base in the Pacific and growing worldwide especially in Australia, United States of America and most recently in Europe.

BOU’s slogan is ‘Quality with Elegance’ and BOU’S defines modern & trendy Pacific style and she recently showcased her collections in Milan 2017 and most recently exhibited as part of the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at Buckingham Palace and also at Australia House, The Strand in London.

 Bou selected Feta’aki for her design, a papery material made from the bark of hte Mulberry tree, and lined with raw silk.  The Feta’aki represents the cultural wealth of Tonga dating back many centuries, and used as a sign of respect in gift-giving.  The silk is also made from the mulberry tree and signifies wealth and prosperity.  The look been completed with traditionally inspired hand-made jewellery made by Rendina Edwards from Nauru. 


“I draw my inspiration from my Tongan roots and ensure that each piece carries my signature motifs. I have revamped our traditional Tongan Puletaha and given a modern interpretation.” she says.

Bou’s designs are  traditionally inspired hand painted prints placed onto rich, regal palettes of cotton and silk.

Bou will be in London during London Pacific Fashion Week.  Keep a look out for our ticket launch and don’t miss out on seeing the best of Polynesia, Tongan Fashion in London soon.