Meet the Managing Director of NAFA (Native Arts and Fashion Academy) Ms. Preetha Prasad, who is a lecturer by profession.   Her passion for promoting Papua New Guinea Art & Fashion has enabled NAFA the opportunity to feature as our first LPFW Academy Collective for Season 21 - London Pacific Fashion Week.

Preetha was born in Adoor, Kerala, India and now resides in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for almost a decade. She is a double Masters in Business Administration specializing in Human Resources, Marketing and International Business. 

She has been a lecturer for over a decade in Tourism and Management subjects. She has a passion in excelling in everything she does and she has proved it over her career starting from being a State Rank holder in her Degree Studies to being the best Offshore Campus Lecturer for the Southern Cross University, Australia.

NAFA will showcase in Season 21 of London Pacific Fashion Week with a teaser collection in February featuring NAFA Emerging Designer Ms Yolanda J Sailoia and a complete Fashion collection in September 2020 also featuring two Emerging Models from NAFA.

I am very excited to partner up with NAFA and I would strongly recommend other Fashion Institutions in the Pacific Region to follow suite. 

The opportunity to promote a Fashion Academy BRAND from the South Pacific is key as I have already established networks with the Fashion Colleges & British Fashion Council allowing fashion links with our Emerging Talent to think about completing a Degree or Masters in all mediums of both Fashion, Textile, Photography, Styling to name a few.

Preetha also has networks across the globe with NAFA being recognized as the Line Production contact for Papua New Guinea in the movie Field. Her passion has further paved way into promoting the Tourism Industry in PNG by taking responsibility to bring in the movie crews into PNG.

Preetha’s passion moves beyond fashion and into various arts fields including Expressive, Performing and Martial Arts. As a part of this initiative Preetha also handles the Music Masters of PNG (MMPNG) and Gejah Academy for Multiple Martial Arts (GAMMA).

Her future plans in the field of fashion include an Institute of Fashion Designing in Port Moresby along with a Film Training Institute and a Dance Academy for the growth and Development of Papua New Guinean Youngsters.





London Pacific Fashion Week Season 21 will feature our very first AFRO POLYNESIAN collection by an Emerging Fashion Designer Ms Ata'ataoletaeao McNealy a.k.a Afatasi.

Afatasi will feature a teaser collection in February hosted at the Lloyd George Rooms, Whitehall, London followed by a 14 piece collection in September at the Royal Horse Guards Hotel, Meston Suite, Whitehall during London Fashion Week.

Afatasi is an artist and overall creative, from San Francisco, California. She identifies as Afro-Polynesian; her father, a Black-American, her mother, a native of Western Sāmoa. Afatasi’s love and pride for both cultures have a heavy influence on her personal style in art, fashion, and music.

Afatasi has been crafting original pieces for years, beginning when her mother wanted a puletasi for a special occasion, but couldn’t find a seamstress to sew it in time.   From there, Afatasi has crafted original pieces, using bold colours and patterns, and unusual textiles.

Afatasi creates daring and desirable styles that are vivacious, and exciting to see. With brilliant combinations ranging from high fashion, and functional dresses, to ceremonial pieces and experimental clothing, she has the incredible ability to blend textiles, and create her own as well.

A Plus size range will be featured at both shows to compliment the needs of our Pacific Fashion community in London. Watch this space as tickets to the February show will be launched by the end of November.





Designing clothes for all shapes and sizes can be challenging but for our upcoming LPFW Emerging Fashion Designer Ms Seraphina Wood nee Lakatani this came naturally to her. 

Originally from Niue but based in Auckland, New Zealand; Seraphina recently launched her Fashion Designer label Saint Fina at the Pacific Fusion Show produced by Nora Swan and her team of creatives hosted at the Vodafone Events Centre on the 5 October, 2019.

For those of you are that are new to the South Pacific map, Niue (pronounced 'New-ay' – which means 'behold the coconut') may be the world’s smallest independent nation, but it is also knows as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’ also renowned for being the world's largest coral island.

Saint Fina Designer Label will re-launch her collection from the Pacific Fusion show at our upcoming February 24, 2020 teaser show for Season 21 hosted at the Lloyd George Rooms, Whitehall, London followed by Seraphina attending the September show later in the year.

Let's read more about Seraphina's journey as a designer.

Fakalofa lahi Atu kia mutolu oti! (Greetings to you all).  My name is Seraphina Wood nee Lakatani, and I am representing my uhumotu (island) Niue.  My identity belongs to the culture, traditions and soul of the Niuean people. Born and raised by my single mother in NZ along with my older brother in Auckland City, New Zealand.

After school there was always something on. Whether it be Niuean church choir practises, dance practices, weekends filled with either kilikiki (cricket), hair cutting ceremonies , 21st birthdays or ear piercing ceremonies and Sunday church (all Niuean traditions). 

Also watching my aunts sewing their outfits and sometimes using their hands to pattern out fabrics was an art in itself. It was always bold bright coloured fabrics with beautiful patterns.

Although living in NZ, I was always surrounded by family, culture and traditions and this part of my life was very important in helping me find my own identity as a fashion designer. 

After graduating from Whitecliffe Fashion Tech 2015 which also came with a 5 week study trip to India, Tamil Nadu to learn about the Manufacturing side of the Industry. I set up a home studio and made one off garments for clients under another brand.

This year is the first time developing a new brand and the identity for the brand. It is about creating pieces that are my own and having the freedom to do so. It’s about inclusivity and being diverse.   It is also about developing clothes for all shapes and sizes . 

Saint Fina showcased for the first time at Pacific Fusion Fashion NZ 2019 under the guidance of creative director and owner Nora Swann and her team.   I want acknowledge Nora and her team for setting a Pacific platform in New Zealand and giving access to both Emerging and Established Designers to have a voice on the Runway.

Closing the Emerging Designer show at 5pm for the Oceania Collection is Saint Fina.





Solomon Islands Fashion designer Frances Do’oro of Designer Label 'ProtonCreations' will feature as an Established designer for Season 21 of the London Pacific Fashion Week show on the 24th February hosted at the Meston Suite, Royal Horse Guards Hotel, Whitehall, London.

Last year Proton Creations was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce in partnership with the Solomon Islands High Commission London. With a successful fashion launch in London; the Solomon Islands High Commissioner London His Excellency Mr Eliam Tangirongo welcomed another partnership for Proton Creations for 2020.

Frances graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Information systems and Management and Public Administration.   Her passion for Fashion started very early in her high school years and always wanted to pursue this and her dream came through when she started her label. Proton Creation is co-owned with her husband Selwyn Do’oro, who is the man behind all the prints on the fabrics.

Proton Creations also featured a Tapa Couture Designer representing the Province of Temotu which was featured at the LPFW Media Launch hosted at New Zealand House Rooftop. This was modelled by a Tikopian/Fijian Model Ms. Takeinivula who is also the daughter of the CEO of the LPFW Show.

Proton Creation featured a collection at LPFW Season 19 hosted at the Exhibition Hall, Australia House, The Strand on the 15th September, 2018. Proton Creation mostly promotes its own abstract unique style of printing on fabrics and adds traditional Solomon Totems to represent different Solomon Cultures. In 2017/18 Frances also featured a collection at Fiji Fashion Week.

Every single Print is unique as most of the prints are hand printed and in a given season and time, we tend to add abit of style by adding different colours, shapes and touches.

Frances will be part of six other South Pacific Fashion designers who will be showcasing during London Fashion Week from the 24th February during London Fashion Week.






My name is Hupfeld Evers Hoerder and I am from the beautiful, Fiji Islands. I am of a Rotuman- German Origin born and raised in Fiji. I have worked in the Fashion Industry in Fiji for over twenty years. 

I began designing whilst pursuing my undergrad studies at University with just making simple shift dresses to casual resort wear, slowly the demand grew for more formal gowns and bridal wear incorporating authentic fiber with a westernized design and this eventually lead into haute couture category. 

Most of my garments are exclusive designs and on made-to-measure mode. 

I have also moved into textile designs, where I have created fabric designs for our Fiji National Athletes to the Olympic and Commonwealth games, with some other major organizations in Fiji. I have also won national fashion and business awards that has immensely put me on an advantage position.

In 2008, I was the only designer in the pacific that was represented at the fist Islands of the World Fashion Week and was a finalist for both major categories in Cultural Wear and Eco-Wear. 

And recently represented Fiji at Style Pasifika Fashion Show in New Zealand as part of the “Real New Zealand Festival and the Rugby World Cup in October 2011.

Currently, I have started manufacturing a limited edition line targeting the affluent market and have started distributing them at selective outlets in Fiji. Eventually, I would like to have the opportunity tap into the international market. 

My accolades of awards both national and international and participation in international fashion shows have given me many opportunities and exposure. 

I now have established a niche market with Fijians and other Pacific Islanders leaving overseas where I have sent exclusive garments and hand painted fabrics as far as the US, Brussels, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Germany and many more.





 Ana Lavekau who is originally from Fiji is also a UK based Emerging Fashion Designer and  the CEO/Creative Director of London Pacific Fashion Week.   Ana is a huge advocate for promoting Fijian Language|Art|Dance in the UK.   Ana recently launched her Fashion Magazine #LPFWRunwayMagazine and spends most of her free time with her Fiancé Ratu Aca and Model Daughter Takeinivula. 

Since 2013, Ana launched her Designer label #Reload Tribal collaborating with her older brother Artist|Painter Rusiate Lali.

Rusiate Lali is a renowed Painter based in Fiji. Rusiate recently had an exhibition in London in 2017 featuring the theme of ‘Climate Change’ in the Pacific.   Rusiate works from his Gallery Gondwana Fiji located in Denarau in the Western Part of Fiji.

In 2015, Reload Tribal was part of the LPFW Collective during the Festival of Rugby Events that coincided with London Fashion Week and the Rugby World Cup.   Ana launched a limited edition of Tribal Bikinis and Boxers collection; Ana then focussed on producing the London Pacific Fashion Week Events and stopped designing for over five years.

Come 2020, Ana will feature a Ready to Wear collection fusing her designs with some of Rusiate’s Fijian ART centred on the theme of ‘Climate Change’.